Monday, April 22, 2013

Root Beer Pulled Pork with Coleslaw and Fried Jalapenos

We took our son to a local BBQ joint for his birthday and I had the most delicious pulled pork sandwich! I figured it would be easy to make at home. I had an extra bottle of root beer leftover from his party(1 left with 3 kids in the house = CHAOS!) so I decided to use that. Very simple and delicious. You can use a hoagie, a tortilla or I put it over leftover corn bread!! Sorry no process pictures, I really didn't think about it while I was making it!!

2lb pork roast
12 oz bottle QUALITY root beer
1-2 TB Liquid Smoke
Seasoning Salt
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder

Quality BBQ sauce of your choice, my favorite is Honey Bourbon

Fried Jalapenos
Fried Pickles
(THIS recipe  is my fave for both!)

8 oz coleslaw mix(premade or make your own, whatever you like)
1/3 cup mayo
3 TB sugar
1 TB milk
1 TB white vinegar
garlic powder

Place the roast in a slow cooker, pour over root beer and liquid smoke, season to taste and cook 8-10 hours on low. Until the meat is falling apart (generally needs to be about 200 plus degrees when measured with a meat thermometer, it might seem like that is "over cooked" but it is NOT you just need it falling apart!)

Remove the roast, allow to cool until easily handle-able then shred well.

Return to the slow cooker juices, add in BBQ sauce to taste(depends on how sloppy you like it!)

Mix your coleslaw dressing , season to taste, then toss in the coleslaw mix.

Scoop pork over a hoagie, into a tortilla, over cornbread, over mashed or baked potato....whatever you like!!!

Add a few jalapenos and/or pickles and top with coleslaw!

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