Monday, July 8, 2013

Homemade A/C Unit

I live in western Washington State so while Air Conditioning is nice on occasion, the need is not like it is say in southern states.  I just never could justify the cost. When I saw this floating around I just couldn't help giving it a try. It is not pretty but it is awesome!! I already had the tote, but the pipe and the fan were less than $10 and it was easy to collect the gallon jugs.
 Of course this is not going to keep a really large space cool in desert heat or anything like that and you need to have some freezer space(we have a big deep freeze so no issue for us, it actually helps to make the freezer more efficient if we fill excess space with the jugs LOL) but it is great in a pinch and a fun project.

1- 16-18 gallon tote with lid
1- 90 degree PVC elbow....I used this one I liked the bigger end to keep it in place
1- 6-8 inch electric fan(preferably 2 speed)
6 gallon jugs--- I like the "square" kind, I know that is not available everywhere though, just get as many as you can fit in your tote.......I also have a "backup" set too, so I can refreeze easier. You could use 2 liter bottles too, whatever is handy.

Exact-O knife
Duct Tape
Spray Paint....ok not a need, but it makes it a little better LOL..

Fill your jugs with water to 1 inch before full and freeze at least 24 hours.

Trace a circle around the smaller end of the PVC elbow on the top right side of the tote lid.
For the fan I took off the front grate and traced that kitty corner from the PVC pipe.

Carefully cut your circles out, you want a somewhat tight fit. I used a dremel to finish off the edges a little.

Fit the pipe up through the bottom of the lid(the wider side will be under the lid) and secure with duct tape.

Spray Paint as you see fit.

Place your frozen jugs in the tote, secure the lid and secure the fan into the remaining hole.
Plug your fan in and DONE!

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