Friday, December 3, 2010

CopyCat Red Robin Burnin' Love Burger

I LOVED the Red Robin Burnin' Love Burger but, unfortunately, we do not have a Red Robin close to us so I decided to make up my own!

Jalapeño Kaiser Buns
Ground Beef(about 1/4 per burger, so however much you need, we use 1lb so adjust water and seasonings accordingly if you need more or less)
1 TB cold water
1/2 tsp seasoning salt
Cayenne Pepper
Pepper Jack Cheese
Deep Fried Jalapeños(this recipe is PERFECT)
Salsa(heat depends on your preference)
Chipotle Mayo(in stores or mix 1/2 cup mayo with 1 tsp chipotle powder)

Mix ground beef with cold water and seasoning salt, Shape beef into patties and season with cayenne pepper to taste. You can add cayenne straight to the beef when mixing with water or you can wait to do them individually if you want more or less on some.

Broil or grill you burgers to you preferred doneness. (Remember it SHOULD be cooked to 160, this way it is still juicy and SAFE, invest in a good meat thermometer, even for hamburgers it is very important to reach temperature!!)

Slice the buns and lightly toast each half.
Spread 1-3 tsp salsa on the bottom bun, place on burger, then jalapeño slices, top with cheese and return to broiler to melt the cheese slightly.
Remove and top with lettuce and tomato , spread chipotle mayo on the top bun and top.
Slice and enjoy !!

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