Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Bored Jar

Summer time is almost here. My boys are notorious for the "I'm Bored" whines! This year I am prepared, and I found an excellent use for the urn our poor old Bronte dog came home in..(dont worry there is no ash residue in there, he was inside a plastic bag and we put him in a special garden we made for him)

I printed out little slips of paper each with a chore, task, game or treat. When they are bored they have to take a slip and they MUST do what is listed. (For at least 30 minutes or until completed)

Need some ideas? I got a fantastic list here and/or create your own for age appropriate tasks for your kids.

My Rules:

When you tell mom
that you are bored
you MUST reach in
and select a task.
It could be boring
or it could be a blast!
You HAVE to do the task I insist,
NO whining or you get
an automatic CHORE from the list.

I created a long chore list of simple household chores for them to select from when they whine about what they got!

I also added treat ones like 30 minutes of Wii , TV or Computer time(usually an earned item) and going out for ice cream or to the park.(they know leaving the house ones are time permitting, but I give an IOU and select again if we cant do it right away)

You can add in any special treat you like!

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