Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Hero Valentines - Caped Cru-Suckers

So CUTE!! I didn't want to do mainstream cartoon Valentines with my kids for their classes this year and I am not super creative when it comes to crafts. So I looked around and found these. They turned out AWESOME!!!

-Construction Paper of your color preference(I used the rainbow: red, orange, yellow , green, blue, purple and pink) Number of sheets depends on how many you need of course, I folded each paper sheet into quarters for 4 valentines per sheet, if you want to cut out individually you can probably get plenty more per sheet....I just went the "lazy" route LOL
-glue stick
-tootise pops
-hole punch
-black marker

Here is the template for the capes and masks, I would suggest printing it out on card stock, makes it MUCH easier to trace, but I did it with regular paper.

Trace and cut your number of capes and masks.
Punch a hole at the top of each cape

Draw eye holes on the masks with the black marker.

You can write a message on each cape but I chose(again a "lazy" route) to use a template from Avery labels.
You can customize with whatever message and even Valentine Icons(go to "Images from Avery Gallery" and select Valentine) and print them out(on regular paper or construction paper if you like). Then just cut them out and paste them on!

LINK to the Avery template that I used.

I actually put the "Love Marshall" on my youngest sons label, I still had him sign them but his handwriting leaves something to be desired LOL I had my older sons fill out the to and from on the backs of the cape.

Take the masks and place them around the tootise pop, securing at the back with a small piece of tape.

Insert pops into the capes pressing up over the wrapper and securing with a bit of tape.


  1. what???? you didn't make your own tootsie pops?!!!!!!!!!!

    1. LOL havent been able to perfect suckers yet. I tried a few times but they just didnt harden up right.