Friday, November 18, 2011

My Nikon P90 is a Lemon :(

I am so unhappy. I did tons of research on what kind of camera I wanted. It took me months to pick the one I wanted. I wasn't wanting to move up to a DSLR yet , but  I like a larger camera. After all my searching I found the Nikon P90. My husband bought it for my for our anniversary and I was quite happy with the selection. I have taken many lovely pictures with it.
Then one day just 1 month after the factory warranty expired, the flash just stopped working. Nothing happened to it, I had used it that day with no issues. It just STOPPED.  So I packed it up and sent it in to Nikon to be repaired(we have no camera service centers here). It cost me over $100 to fix the problem, but I thought it was worth it since it was a "nice" camera.
I got it back and had no issues, until just a little over a month after the "service warranty" expired and guess what?? Thats right NO FLASH. This camera will not take nice pictures indoors without a flash unless lighting is JUST perfect, which is not very often and even then they are rarely as clear, so a flash is a must have. It even seemed that pictures that do NOT require a flash were even coming out with less quality as well.
I contacted Nikon and explained the situation, they took me through the basics, resetting the camera(of course all that I had already done) I told them I did not want to pay for the same repair twice in the less than 2 years I have owned the camera. I was told to send the camera in to them.....
I packed it up and sent it out insured via USPS.....and had a whole ordeal with that but after more than 10 days it finally made it to the service center( at one point I was just praying USPS had indeed lost it and I could just get the insurance money LOL)
This morning I get an email saying that I had to approve the $108 fix to the camera.....approval denied! With this second repair it would make it over 1/2 what I originally paid for the camera.
So I guess they will be sending back my flashless camera and I will be buying a new one, certainly not a Nikon, thats for sure!

RIP dear Nikon P90