Friday, June 6, 2014

Polish Sausage Burgers

We went to a BBQ for my Uncle's Birthday and ended up with a ton of leftover (cooked) Polish Dogs being sent home with us. I was wondering what to do with them other than just cutting them up for mac and cheese or another casserole. I decided to stick one in my food grinder to see how it would grind up and a burger was born from there!
I know not everyone has a meat grinder but if you do, give it a try! (or try in a food processor if you like)

12 oz cooked polish sausage(I recommend on a grill or firepit for a nice smokey flavor!)
12 oz lean ground turkey*
2 TB water

*This would be good with all-beef dogs and ground beef, turkey dogs and ground turkey or in this case a mix!

Grind your polish sausages (I used my 1/4" grinder plate)

Mix ground sausages with ground turkey, add water and combine well.

Shape into 6 patties

Broil or Grill to 165 degrees

Place on a bun and top as you desire!

NOM NOM NOM.........

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