Thursday, July 5, 2012

Super Pickle's Bacon Explosion Burgers

I kept seeing this chatter about "Bacon Explosion", I decided to take a look and OHHHHH YUUUUMMMM!!! Talk about a heart attack log LOL. I, of course, had to make it for our Independence Day celebration and add my own ideas...

2 lbs lean ground beef
1 TB Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp Italian Seasoning
a few drops of liquid smoke

24 oz center cut bacon(I used Open Nature's Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon)

BBQ Sauce of your choice, homemade Honey Bourbon is great!
BBQ Spice Rub of your choice, I made a simple homemade one.

4 slices cheese of your choice, I used Sargentos Natural Blends Colby-Pepper Jack
Sliced jalapenos or for a milder flavor diced green chilies

In a bowl combine ground beef, worcestershire sauce, Italian seasonings and liquid smoke. Mix well.

Reserve 12 slices of bacon(select the best formed ones of course)
Cook the remaining bacon to your crispiness preference, drain,  then crumble or slice into pieces.

On a sheet of foil make yourself a bacon weave, sorry I didnt get a pic before I put the spice rub on, but it is very easy. Lay 6 slices out lengthwise, then do an over under starting on one edge. Continue alternating the starting point with over or under...until you have used 6 more slices.

Sprinkle your bacon weave with a good amount of BBQ spice rub, I think I used about 1 TB

Place the ground beef over the bacon and gently press it out until it is even with the edges of the bacon and even thickness.

Place on the slices of cheese.

Then the bacon crumbles.

Then top with BBQ sauce (I probably used 3 -4 TB)
and sprinkle on peppers....I missed this photo.

Gently peel the beef up from the bacon and roll into a log, pressing seam well.

Then the opposite way roll it up in the bacon,

I did this the day before so I just rolled it all up in the foil I made it on and stuck it in the fridge.

Remove from fridge a least an hour before you plan to cook it.

Heat your grill to 250ish ( make sure there is lots of hickory smoke for best flavor!) Sprinkle the outer bacon with a little more BBQ Rub and get it on the grill

Cook it until the internal temperature is 165. It took this one about an hour and a half

When it is finished brush the entire outside with more BBQ sauce grill it a few minutes more

Remove from the grill and allow to set for a few minutes then slice it up.

Put it on a bun and top it like a burger!

Or just eat it with some more BBQ sauce! Either way its delicious!

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